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In response to Britain voting to leave the European Union and the ambiguous times we live in, ‘Invoking 50 Articles’ is is a 45 minute work composed for Soprano voices, Alto voices, Tenor voices, Bass voices, glockenspiel, amplified guitar, violin, triangle, vocoder, a projected video feed, four umbrellas, printouts of every British prime minister from Heath to May and a paper shredder.

The Choral Engineers are a creative community choir including members who voted leave and those who voted remain. 'Invoking 50 Articles' is distinctly non-tribal and non-partisan in its depiction of current events. Instead, it explores the limitations of binary politics - made all too explicit by the divisive yes/no EU referendum.

Originally performed in April 2017 at the Doorstep Theatre Festival and Totnes’s ‘Party In The Town’, it had such positive responses that it was toured for nine dates across South Devon.

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