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Dancing on Eggshells - The Choral Engineers

Created by Steve Sowden & Hugh Nankivell in collaboration with the Choral Engineers.

Dancing on Eggshells is a hallucinatory choral performance by a community choir unlike most others. It is the second part of a politically-inspired triptych and has been performed twice to ecstatic, confused and convulsed audiences who have come away with eggs and a new, shared understanding of the formal art of 21st century negotiations.

The piece lasts for about 56 minutes, during which the choir are set in some kind of opposition to each other. The technical details of the negotiations are left vague, but the subject is roundly egg-based. Where/who do we get our eggs from? How do we eat them? Upon which end do we break them?

The brittle talks are instigated, facilitated and watched over by a digital entity known only as the Speaker (Jonathan Croose). He guides the negotiators through a series of increasingly bizarre pageants wherein eggs are broken and danced over and eaten. 

Throughout the occasion, we glimpse a curious Black Egg (Jackie Oates) with an ethereal singing voice and a simple message...

Part of the Exeter Phoenix Summer Showcase