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tracking Brexit for three years



2017 - exit process triggered

"Invoking 50 Articles"


In 2017, as a response to Britain's vote to leave the European Union, Hugh and Steve (both men) created a new singing ritual for Soprano voices, Alto voices, Tenor voices, Bass voices, glockenspiel, amplified guitar, violin, triangle, vocoder, one video feed, four umbrellas, printouts of every British prime minister from Heath to May and a paper shredder.

The show toured to sacred spaces in the region and featured the restlessly creative community choir The Choral Engineers, comprised of both Leavers and Remainers. 'Invoking 50 Articles' is distinctly non-tribal in its approach to Brexit; exploring faith, rituals and polarised politics. 

Read here a reflective review of the piece by Erin Walcon.

Photo by Erin Walcon

Photo by Erin Walcon

2018 - negotiation

"Dancing on Eggshells"


April 1st (Easter Sunday) saw the first public airing of Dancing on Eggshells, a hallucinatory choral performance about the art of negotiation, again featuring the Choral Engineers, this time wearing formal business attire and angel wings (or blindfolds).

Inspired by current political wrangling, the Lilliputian dilemma, the paintings of Pieter Aertsen, Leeds band Adult Jazz and the singing voice of Jackie Oates, the piece was performed against backing tracks and narrated by The Speaker (Jonathan Croose) who led the choir through some curious egg dances.



Glad Friday, 29th March


The Choral Engineers ended their 4-year nymph stage during a final ritual at the Lucky 7 Club in Paignton.

The United Kingdom didn’t leave the European Union. We are all in a period of uncertainty.