Trio of Men

municipal song-makers

Trio of Men create music-based projects and performances...


A film for Long. Recording engineered by Joshua Norton-Cox at Big Red.

Long Time Coming Pre-Show Film 

Short information film about roads and Choral Engineers; shown as part of our 'Long Time Coming' performance, timed to coincide with the opening of the long-awaited South Devon Express way.

Scenes From The Heaviside Condition 

Scene #1 Two performances of 'Old Torquay' happening at the same time.
Scene #2 'I Have Become As Stupid As An Owl'

Scenes from The Heaviside Condition - a theatrical song cycle developed and performed by Hugh Nankivell and Steve Sowden (supported by the Barbican Theatre Plymouth, Doorstep Arts and the Arts Council of England) featuring the wonderful Choral Engineers, Jonny Croose (Oliver Heaviside) and Dean Brodrick (Speedwell). 'Old Torquay' by Hugh Nankivell and Steve Sowden, 'I Have Become As Stupid As An Owl' by Hugh Nankivell with words from Ben McCabe.